Well here I go! 

Hello and Welcome to my site :-} This is my first Blog so please bear with me. Sometimes my spelling maybe bad..lol but I always wanted to blog so I thought it was about time to do so. Hey it can't hurt right? So here I go! Weeeeeeeeee.......

I wanted to share all kinds of stuff and fun ideas to the witchy world.  As you read on my about me I love to do crafts, cook and garden.  I do love to write about family and others things also.

  As you also see above at the 2 partners in crime...lol  That's how I got the Crafty Calico idea.  My big one (Pixie) is my Kitchen cat.  And the smaller one is my...well I'm every where you are mom cat!  (Gabby)

  I will try to do my best at this and give ideas out there to help you along the way. 

So please bare with me as I take on this new path and journey of  *BLOGGING*  ;-)

Coffee, My Old Friend
By Karie Lesly
An aroma that fills the room with warmth brewing gently, steady and
Two friends together in stolen moments sharing soul, heart, life.
Weaving through the years
like a fine delicate lace.
The design unravels details,
simplicity, sometimes flaws.
And even still, meshing together
bonded by each cup.
The tenderness of solitude
occassionally with a good book.
As I take the first sip
of the first cup
I realize again that I am blessed.
To share this cup with such a friend,
sometimes it being only me.
So much more than flavor, roast or blend...
A way of life.


March 13, 2011